Nana’s T-Bird

My Nana had a Thunder Bird, she drove it until she got Epilepsy and had to forfeit her license. Boy, that car was big! It had a big V8 engine, leather seats, air conditioning, and an 8-track stereo. For a 15-year-old guy who thought he knew about cars, well the idea of driving that one around town was sure enticing. If I wanted to go to town I’d have to ride my hand-me-down 10-speed that only really had two or three speeds because the shifters didn’t work. So as soon as I could I got my Learners License and  I became Nanna’s chauffeur. I drove her to doctor’s appointments and I drove her to church on Sunday. I drove her to get her hair done and I drove her to the Co-op to get groceries and a freshly baked donut. I loved my Nana and she loved me. It was my Nana who taught me how to drive, well sort of. In a big flat hay field where I couldn’t hit anything, she let me drive an old grain truck with a stick shift and limited braking capabilities. I was eight years old and drove every bit as well as any other eight-year-old could. I’m sure of it! Some might say I was at the top of my game as far as driving goes and I might have done well to quit while I was ahead. But that’s another story. All this to say that taking my Nana to do things that she could no longer do by herself gave me a sense of purpose and a deep understanding of the importance of being compassionate to those who need help. That purpose and that compassion have stayed with me throughout my adult life. That was the guiding light that brought me to build a  company that would help seniors and their families in one of the most stressful events that we all have to face eventually, and that is the move from a long-time or forever home into a smaller more accessible one.

At A Step Forward Senior Services our purpose is to help take the stress out of sorting through and letting go of things that are just things but have meaning and memories attached to them. We sort and pack, we drop off donations, we recycle and dispose of unusables. We take apart beds and set them back up, we arrange furniture and hang pictures at the new residence and we do it all so that families can concentrate on helping their loved one adjust. With the stress of arranging movers and doing the frantic stuff out of the way, It can be a time to bond together and laugh and cry over old photos and memories. 

If you are expecting an upcoming relocation that will involve downsizing and you are overwhelmed by it. Call us, even to chat and ask for advice on how to start the process. and when the time becomes closer, within three months or so of the move, let us know and we can book a consultation then set up the move. the stress that relocating has on everyone involved. The planning, finding boxes. deciding what to pack and how to pack it. knowing what to discard and what to keep. It’s overwhelming. Let us make the process easier, less stressful, even enjoyable.