Aging In Place Or Moving?

7 Things To Consider
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As we age, it makes sense to think about whether the home we are in is one where we can safely, comfortably and affordably continue to live. Or, whether we need to consider downsizing to something more manageable.

It is not uncommon for seniors to want to remain in their own home as they age. For some seniors this is a completely viable option. For others, physical and/or mental health factors may make this more difficult.

So, how do you decide whether aging in place or downsizing is the right option for you?

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Aging In Place Or Downsizing & Moving

There are a number of factors that may influence your decision on whether aging in place or downsizing and moving is the best option for you. Here are seven of them to consider:

  1. Your physical health, or the physical health of your spouse or partner.
  2. Your mental health, or the mental health of your spouse or partner.
  3. Your personal finances and what you can afford.
  4. Isolation and loneliness. Are family and friends nearby.
  5. Convenience to amenities like groceries, banking, a library, a senior centre or recreation facility, etc.
  6. Transportation options
  7. Closeness to a hospital, doctor, emergency services, etc.

Aging In Place: Things To Consider

If you decide that staying in your current home/aging in place is the right option for you, certain modifications may need to be made to your home. If not now, down the road.

For instance:

  1. Hiring a professional to help declutter and organize your living space and possessions. Too much furniture and possessions hinder your ability to safely get around in your home. A senior moving service that works with seniors who are moving is also able to help those who want to stay in their current home. They can do this by helping declutter and reorganize your living space. This is part of the senior moving services some of these organizations, like ours, offer.
  2. Installing an electric stairlift, to make it easy for you to move from one floor to the next.
  3. Installing a ramp at your front door.
  4. Installing grab bars for your tub or shower.
  5. Wheelchair accessible doorways, halls and counters.


Additionally, you may need other support, now or in the future. Here is a list of some of the types of support you may need to stay in your own home as you age:

  • Grocery pickup and delivery service
  • Housekeeping service
  • Yard work service for lawns and gardens
  • Transportation to medical appointments

For a more in-depth look at the topic of Aging in Place, click here to read or download the Government of Canada resource ‘Thinking About Your Future? Plan Now to Age in Place’.

Downsizing & Moving: Things To Consider

Downsizing and moving may mean selling and/or moving to a smaller home or …

  • Moving to an apartment where you are still responsible for your own household chores and meals. 
  • Moving to an independent living facility that provides additional services like meals and cleaning, as well as community activities.
  • Moving to an assisted living facility that provides a higher level of personal services in a supportive environment due to health challenges, including meals and cleaning, etc.

Moving to a new home can feel stressful. However, moving to a smaller home or to a residential community that provides varying levels of support can also offer benefits that may not be available to you in your current home.

The best way to determine the right option for you is to consider all of the various options in order to see which one suits your lifestyle, physical and mental wellbeing, and financial situation best.

Ideally, you will want to think through your unique situation and possible options well before you need to make modifications to your home or downsize/make a move.

And, although planning ahead is important, it doesn’t take into account changing circumstances, such as your own or your partner’s physical or mental health.

So, think about your preferred scenario and discuss it with family and friends who have your best interests at heart.

Look carefully at all the available options and their pros and cons before making a final decision.

We’re Here To Help

And, no matter what your final decision ends up being, we’re here to help. Whether it is downsizing and moving or downsizing and re-organizing your current living space to make it safe and comfortable in your senior years.

We do much more than simply sort, organize, downsize, and pack for our clients. We come alongside them with care and empathy, and, if they are aging in place, we help organize and downsize to make their home safe and comfortable in their elder years.

And, if the decision is to move, we help with the downsizing and moving process, from start to finish.

We do all the work. The client can relax and enjoy the results!