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Making A Senior Move Less Stressful
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How To Make A Senior Move Less Stressful

For seniors, moving isn’t quite as easy as it was in their younger years.

For one thing, they’ve likely accumulated possessions and other things that they may no longer use or need. Or, that won’t fit comfortably in the home they are moving to.

This is where senior moving professionals play an important role. Because, our goal is to make moving as easy and stress free as possible for the elderly.

Organizing & Downsizing Possessions

And one of the areas that can feel quite stressful for seniors is sorting, organizing and downsizing their possessions. For many of us, this is a challenging job. But for the elderly, who often have cherished possessions and keepsakes that they have owned for decades, this can be difficult.

This is also where a professional senior mover can help.

A professional mover of seniors is not emotionally tied to the client’s belongings. Additionally, they are used to helping the elderly make difficult decisions about their possessions.

They do this by patiently asking caring questions and helping their client work through the challenges of deciding what to keep, what to give away and what to donate or dispose of.

Families often have the best of intentions in helping with this. But it may be easier for the situation to become stressful and emotions frayed when families become frustrated with the process the elderly need to work through when deciding what to keep and what not to keep.

Assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of moving is what we do, and our customers tell us they love the support and assistance we provide.

At A Step Forward Senior Moving Services, we are committed to connecting with our elderly clients and to helping them in ways that are supportive and stress-free during their move preparation and the move itself.

As a Registered Care Aide, owner Aaron Torio’s background working with the elderly and others, makes him and his team a perfect fit for helping seniors downsize, pack and move.


Senior Moving, To Make A Move Less Stressful

Each of our elderly clients is unique. And, to reflect this each client decides what services will be most useful to them.

For instance, our services can include:

  • An initial free consultation to discuss developing an overall move plan (we also work with clients and their families for those desiring to ‘age in place’).
  • Measuring furniture and customizing a floor plan for the new home to see what will work and what may not.
  • Sorting, itemizing and decluttering the client’s home, to determine what to keep, what to donate, and what to dispose of.
  • Providing moving supplies for the move.
  • Packing possessions in preparation for the move.
  • Short-term storage of possessions in a safe and secure storage facility, where needed.
  • Arranging for the donation and/or disposal of items that the client is unable to take with them.
  • Moving possessions to move home, taking items to be donated to a local charity, disposing of items no longer wanted/needed to the dump.
  • Unpacking possessions at new home and disposing of boxes and packing materials used for move.
  • Setting up and arranging furniture and beds.
  • Hanging pictures, setting up electronics, mounting TVs, etc.
  • Cleaning the home they have left in preparation for the new owners or landlords.

Each client decides what services they need and our pricing is based on this. (No hidden fees. What we quote is what we charge.)

Aging In Place

Additionally, some of the above noted services may be used to help prepare a home and make it safer for an elderly person who is staying in their own home. Also known as Aging in Place.

Downsizing, sorting, organizing and donating or disposing of items can help make an elderly person’s home a safer living environment. As well, reorganizing the layout, moving furniture, etc. can aid in this process.

Family Members Of The Elderly

Many families today are geographically dispersed.

As a result, it is not always possible for families of the elderly, especially if they live several hours away from their elderly relatives, to assist with the hands-on work of downsizing, organizing, packing, moving and unpacking, etc.

As well, career and/or other family obligations, can make it difficult to devote the time needed to the elderly who are moving. In some cases the elderly do not have adult children or their children may actually be elderly themselves.

In these situations, a senior move management company can make all the difference. They can make the move seamless and stress-free, both for the elderly and any family members.

In A Nutshell …

When it comes down to it, hiring senior move professionals to move the elderly minimizes the stress and chaos that often accompanies a move.

We do much more than simply sort, organize, downsize, and pack for our clients. We come alongside them with care and empathy, and help make their move safe and stress-free.

We do all the work. The client can relax and enjoy the results!